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Why Truckies?

End-to-end Vehicle Management

Each vehicle has a designated Delivery Manager who focuses on ensuring timely reporting of the vehicle, and who also takes care of all possible contingencies in case of on-road vehicle breakdown etc. to ensure quickest TAT.

Comprehensive Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

Our fleet includes all types of delivery vehicles used in intra-city or short haul transportation: Eeco, Ace, Bolero, 407, Canters etc.

Real-time Tracking

We provide real-time tracking on all our trucks, with automated alerts in case of any unscheduled diversions

Automated MIS Reports

We provide point-to-point billing & running data on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis depending on client’s requirements.

Our Services

Choose the best option to solve your problem.

Scheduled Pickups

We provide vehicles on daily / weekly / monthly basis that can be tracked and scheduled online or through our Delivery Managers

On-demand Pickups

Ad-hoc vehicle orders can be placed on the same day itself as we boast one of industry’s quickest TAT’s

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